Whistleblowing | Raimon Land


  1. The Company developed a whistle-blowing channel outside traditional mean so that whistle-blowing reports can be submitted by the employees, suppliers, or the public through this channel.
  2. Any person intending to report any case of corruption would be allowed to contact via whistleblowing@raimonland.com. The Company kept the identity of the whistleblower confidentially and provided comprehensive protection to the whistleblower.
  3. The Company would disclose information only as needed in order to preserve whistleblower’s safety against discrimination or retaliation.

If the Company had received a report of wrongdoing or corruption, the Company would proceed with efficient processes to handle such cases when required to implement the following procedures.


Validation of Allegation Internal

Audit Department was responsible for initial evaluation of the allegation then provided suggestion to Audit Committee and/or Chief Executive Officer.


Investigation, Collection, and Consideration of Facts

The Company would appoint an Investigation team/Investigator where appropriate who would collect facts in detail, followed by the analysis of evidence and preparation of reports.


Reporting of Investigation Results

The Investigation team/Investigator would report the investigations and facts to the Audit Committee and the Chief Executive Officer with recommendations of actions to prevent from future allegation and to make a proper response to the case.