RML joins hands with ‘CHANINTR’ to craft an Iconic Suite in Classical American Style, Only a Single Unit Available at 'Tait Sathorn 12' | Raimon Land
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29 April 2024

RML joins hands with ‘CHANINTR’ to craft an Iconic Suite in Classical American Style, Only a Single Unit Available at 'Tait Sathorn 12'

RML (Raimon Land Public Company Limited), a leader in luxury and ultra-luxury real estate development in Thailand, collaborates with 'CHANINTR', Thailand’s leading luxury furniture distributor with an exclusive representation of the world's top design brands, to craft a singular, fully-furnished iconic suite unit, poised for immediate occupancy. This unit exudes classical American elegance, showcasing esteemed furniture brands from the United States such as Theodore Alexander and Bernhardt, within the esteemed 'Tait Sathorn 12' condominium. Offering opulent living arrangements and permitting pet ownership in the heart of Sathorn, it presents a unique opportunity at an exclusive price of 22.29 million baht. The opening ceremony was honored to welcome Brenton Justin Mauriello AM, Chief Executive Officer of RML as a chairman in the opening ceremony. And additionally, renowned celebrities including Manunsinee “Jom” Footrakul, Phimmshin “Shinn” Phakapattchon, Siranuch “Jan” Rojanasthien, and Thitipong “Kob” Lorprasert attended the opening ceremony to exclusive preview the unit.

Harris Lakshanayodhin Kurdthip, Senior Vice President of Marketing at RML, revealed, "RML comprehends the discerning needs of our clientele, who not only prioritize post-purchase convenience sans decoration concerns but also anticipate a living environment steeped in refined taste. Such an ambiance distinctly mirrors the triumph and individuality of our residents. We are particularly gratified for the privilege extended by CHANINTR, renowned globally for its expertise in importing and crafting luxury furniture brands, to curate furniture that embodies beauty, sophistication, and practicality. Collaborating in adorning this new Iconic Suite unit at 'Tait Sathorn 12' exemplifies our commitment to delivering unparalleled living experiences. The Iconic Suite unit, thoughtfully designed with versatile spaces, occupies a generous 68 square meters on the 33rd floor of 'Tait Sathorn 12'. Its defining characteristic lies in its meticulously curated decor, featuring furniture imported from the United States by CHANINTR, resonating with Classical American aesthetics intertwined with elements of nature. The selection of furniture in earthy tones seamlessly merges traditional American motifs with a contemporary, timeless ambiance, evoking a sense of warmth, sophistication, and quiet luxury. Tailored to cater to residents aspiring for a sense of luxurious tranquility in their living spaces, each piece is meticulously chosen for this unit to captivate the discerning new generation of homeowners. All this is offered at an exceptionally exclusive price of only 22.29 million baht, and notably, there is only one unit available worldwide."

Rainy Chan, Chief Operating Officer of CHANINTR, disclosed, "CHANINTR has earned accolades as a premier brand in importing top-tier furniture worldwide, catering to the discerning tastes of clientele who seek luxury and ultra-luxury living experiences. This ethos seamlessly aligns with RML's vision of crafting the epitome of iconic living at 'Tait Sathorn 12', renowned for its iconic design both externally and internally. Furthermore, the adaptable layout offers boundless opportunities for innovation, appealing to the new generation who wholeheartedly embrace uniqueness."

The exclusive iconic suite unit, a genuine collaboration between RML and CHANINTR within the 'Tait Sathorn 12' project, is strictly limited to a single unit. Currently, it is available for viewing today in the heart of Sathorn, open daily from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. Additionally, the project offers 1-2-bedroom units, available in both fully fitted and fully furnished options. Only 9 units remain available for those interested in securing ownership in this final phase, starting at just 10.9 million baht. To schedule a visit to the project, kindly make an appointment in advance by calling 02-029-1888, contacting the Line Official @raimonland, or visiting the website at www.raimonland.com.