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04 April 2024

RML unveils a new strategy to lead the company through sustainable growth

RML (Raimon Land Public Company Limited), Thailand’s leading luxury and ultra-luxury real estate developer, announced new corporate strategy along with adjusted company structure to strengthen competitiveness and market leadership. The company appointed Brenton Justin Mauriello as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to succeed Korn Narongdej, who will continue to serve as RML’s Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee. Embracing his new position, Brenton vows to maintain RML's esteemed status in Thailand's luxury and ultra-luxury real estate sector, while spearheading the company's transformation into a sustainable entity through a groundbreaking new strategy.

Korn Narongdej, Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee of RML said that “Over the past 3 years, under my leadership as CEO, our team and myself have built a strong foundation at the national level, rebranded, adapted RML's DNA to the current era, and revamped our portfolio to clearly showcase our new identity. This includes not only discontinuing development projects under brands straddling the gap between upscale and luxury segments but also focusing on projects that not only clearly belong in the ultra-luxury segment but also have rare differentiation in the market. It is now time for someone to take over from me and lead RML even further onto the international stage.

"In 2024, RML introduced a new strategy focused on advancing our business steadily. This entailed refining our portfolio to concentrate on crafting genuinely authentic ultra-luxury projects adhering to world-class standards, aimed at providing a revitalized and responsive experience for our discerning clientele. Additionally, we aimed for international expansion through strategic alliances, enhancing our presence in foreign markets. Consequently, the RML board approved the appointment of Brenton Justin Mauriello as the new CEO, leveraging his extensive 25 years of leadership experience across construction, architecture, and design industries, especially in luxury real estate. With his exceptional talent and expertise, particularly in the luxury property segment, he is dedicated to setting new industry standards and steering RML toward sustainable growth and success," added Korn.

Brenton Justin Mauriello, CEO of RML said that "Following RML's new business strategy, my main responsibility as CEO is to strengthen and lead RML's business to an international level, to foster a sustainable growth. As a leader in the development of luxury and ultra-luxury real estate in Thailand, RML aims to implement 4 key strategies to enhance the company’s competitive edge."

  • Strategy 1: Enhance organizational effectiveness: Adjust the structure and internal processes of the organization to align with the business plan.
  • Strategy 2: Improve investment efficiency to ensure financial stability: Prioritize investments that align with financial stability and adjust investment patterns to align with the company's long-term strategy and goals.
  • Strategy 3: Maintain leadership position in the real estate market at both luxury and ultra-luxury levels: Develop new projects that set new standards in the industry, differentiate from competitors in the market, and target top-notch customers, such as riverside projects, downtown projects, resorts, etc.
  • Strategy 4: Maintain strong business performance: Establish financial balance in the short and long term, and reduce unnecessary financial costs to ensure a strong financial status.

The 4 key strategies are set to execute in four steps, as follows:

  • Step 1: Strengthen financial capabilities to maximize returns for the company.
  • Step 2: Seek opportunities to create additional value by generating awareness and revenue from company projects, including recurring revenue and sales revenue from projects such as OCC, ultra-luxury riverside projects, and others.
  • Step 3: Establish a Private Equity Trust (PE Trust) to invest in upcoming projects, attracting investors to participate in the fund and providing maximum returns to shareholders of the company.
  • Step 4: Expand business internationally and seek additional expertise partnerships to become a leader in the luxury and ultra-luxury real estate market in Thailand, as well as in the Southeast Asian region."

With the strategic turnaround plan, RML will generate recuring profit and increase the share price from 2026 onward. This expansion into high-opportunity markets, coupled with new ultra-luxury projects for ultra-high-net-worth clients, positions us for profitable growth." added Brenton.