RML wins LEED Gold for Thailand’s tallest Grade A+ office building ‘OCC’, emphasizing its world-class standard of a building with high energy efficiency and care for the environment | Raimon Land
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18 December 2023

RML wins LEED Gold for Thailand’s tallest Grade A+ office building ‘OCC’, emphasizing its world-class standard of a building with high energy efficiency and care for the environment

RML (Raimon Land Public Company Limited), a leading developer of luxury and ultra-luxury real estate with aim to develop projects that are environmentally friendly and promote sustainability based on the concept of 'Sustainable Living', announced latest success as ‘OCC (One City Centre)’, the tallest Grade A+ luxury office building in Thailand, is LEED Gold certified by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) for its attention in terms of energy efficiency and care for the environment.

Korn Narongdej, Chief Executive Officer of RML, said “It is our strong intention to make OCC another landmark of Thailand and Asia that has something beyond remarkable design. In designing the building, we pay attention to every detail as we work with leading consulting firms to come up with its architectural and landscape design as well as all system engineering to make this tallest Grade A+ luxury office building to be up to global standards in every dimension. And we are genuinely proud that OCC has now been LEED Gold certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. This certification is an international recognition for sustainable building design and construction. It is used to evaluate various buildings in the United States and other countries all over the world for more than 10 years. OCC's distinctive feature is that it takes into account the interests of tenants and the general public. This explains why it has approximately 5,000 square meters of green space, which is a public space that anyone can use, not to mention that it should help reduce emissions for people in the Ploenchit area. The building is also a smart building that puts its focus on energy efficiency, with MERV14 system installed to abate indoor PM 2.5 concentrations. In addition, all materials we used to construct this building will not create harmful substances, ensuring that all tenants can have a good quality of life at work inside this building.

RML has decided to work with various consulting teams from the very first step of designing this building all the way through to construction. Six years of work to make OCC qualify for LEED certification started with:

  1. Integrative Process
    A management system for water and other resources has been put in place from the first stage of building design.

  2. Location and Transportation
    OCC is located on Ploenchit Road, next to BTS Ploenchit with Sky Walk that allows everyone to walk from the BTS station straight into the building. This is not to mention that you can use other public transportation comfortably that you don’t need to use personal cars, and as a result, it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, OCC also provides electric car charging areas, bicycle parking space, and shower rooms to support environmentally friendly travel.

  3. Sustainable Sites
    OCC has prepared more than 50% of its area as open space for everyone in the building to use for various activities.

  4. Water Efficiency
    Efficient use of water is also put in place. The water is recycled for use in cooling towers, watering plants in the building, and more.

  5. Energy & Atmosphere
    Modern technology has been installed in the building from a combined air conditioning system and building management system to the use of good quality glass that allows the building to save more than 20% of energy compared to other buildings.

  6. Materials & Resources
    OCC focuses on using sustainable construction materials that are environmentally friendly and do not cause harm to building occupants both in terms of health and safety. OCC also prepares a space to manage each type of waste with care for the environment.

  7. Indoor Environmental Quality
    OCC recognizes the importance of indoor air quality for the health of building occupants. Therefore, the amount of fresh air supplied in the area has been increased to 30% more than standard using MERV14 air filtration system, which can abate PM 2.5 concentrations, ensuring that the air in the building is of good quality, suitable for the health of occupants.

Previously, OCC has received numerous awards including Fitwel award at the level of two stars from the US’s Center for Active Design (CfAD) which recognized a real estate project that stood out for its quality and how it ensured tenants in terms of friendliness as a workplace and the use of office space, as well as the Office Development of the Year award from the Real Estate Asia Awards 2021 in Thailand, which recognized the most outstanding project management innovation in Asia Pacific.

For more details about OCC, please contact CBRE sales representatives at 02-119-2707, 089-010-5410 or learn more at the website. https://bit.ly/41Q81uV, www.onecitycentrebangkok.com