RML appoints 3 new executives to reinforce its leadership team. | Raimon Land
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14 September 2023

RML appoints 3 new executives to reinforce its leadership team.

RML (Raimon Land Public Company Limited), a leading luxury and ultra-luxury real estate developer, recently announced the appointment of three high-level executives to strengthen its management team and enhance business management efficiency.

Miss Maneekarn Wuttikullert, Senior Vice President - Finance, and Acting Chief Financial Officer, RML has a vital role to map out the strategic direction of RML, formulate financial strategies, supervise and control the accounting system to ensure strong business operations, as well as communicating with investors, shareholders and financial institutions in financial planning and risk management.

Mr. Krit Likitbanakorn, Senior Vice President - Business Development, RML has a vital role to oversee the strategic operations of RML’s businesses to ensure RML’s readiness in coping with the current rapidly changing economic and social environment. He will also take part in the planning for capital acquisition, searching for new business opportunities as well as conducting feasibility study for investment projects so as to create strong and sustainable growth in accordance with RML’s business plans.

Mr. Harris Lakshanayodhin Kurdthip, Senior Vice President – Marketing, RML has a vital role to supervise and manage marketing strategies and plans, brand building, formulation of marketing communication strategies including organizational communication, to ensure that the offering of luxury and ultra-luxury projects matches with the fast changing market demand and make RML a brand that wins over customer's heart, with an aim to develop and drive the strong brand towards solid growth and move through the journey to becoming the No. 1 leader in Thailand’s luxury and ultra-luxury real estate market.