RML moves into new home at ‘OCC’, Thailand’s tallest office building Reinforcing the image of ultra luxury real estate brand and boasting new office design gearing towards being happy workplace and creating well-being at work for all generations | Raimon Land
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10 July 2023

RML moves into new home at ‘OCC’, Thailand’s tallest office building Reinforcing the image of ultra luxury real estate brand and boasting new office design gearing towards being happy workplace and creating well-being at work for all generations

RML (Raimon Land Public Company Limited) has recently moved head office to OCC (One City Centre)’, the tallest grade A+ luxury office building in Thailand adjacent to BTS Ploenchit Station. The relocation reinforces the company’s leadership in luxury and ultra-luxury real estate development and bolsters its future business growth. The new office boasts functionality that encompasses working and lifestyle spaces in one place, accommodating diverse working styles of all generations of employees while creating a happy workplace and well-being at work as well as driving business with a strong corporate culture.

Korn Narongdej, Chief Executive Officer of RML, said that “At RML, we value every employee as our most valuable asset. We believe that take a good care of our employees results in good works, which, in turn, enables us to deliver high quality projects and excellent services to our customers as well. Currently, RML has approximately 200 employees, most of whom are Gen Y, which accounts for about 70% and Gen X about 20%. The age range of our employees is different from that of property developers in other segments since the luxury real estate business needs people with sheer expertise and strong experience. We also have a new generation of employees at operational level, which is vital because younger employees are essential workforce that sustains the company to adapt to changes in the digital age, especially in the luxury real estate segment that is currently experiencing workforce shortage.

Since the end of June 2023, all RML employees have moved to OCC. The relocation marks another important step for RML as we are readying ourselves to become no. 1 leader in luxury and ultra-luxury real estate development. Designed with the concept of ‘Luxury Reimagined’ to reflect the DNA of RML, our new office accentuates luxury, simple yet modern design, with functionality that meets the requirements of flexible work environment and diverse workforce in the organization. We also implement advanced systems and technologies, including a mobile application for building entry and exit, and in-building touchless systems for lift access and face recognition for office entry and exit, to bring ease and convenience to our employees’ daily life.”

Connecting happiness and workplace to achieve productivity.

The office relocation of RML from Rajanakarn Building to new home at OCC will accentuate a sense of luxury, which is the company's key identity, and accommodate the undertaking of all RML developments which are poised to be iconic projects. In addition to residing in an iconic building, RML's new office boasts captivating design that resonates with luxury while ensuring a happy workplace for employees and high-performance work practice for improved business efficiency.

RML conducted a thorough study on employee data and designed a workplace that truly fits human nature and meets the needs of the company’s workforce, rather than just following modern office design trend. The new office has more meeting rooms than the previous one to accommodate both small and large gatherings, formal and informal alike. Travel-inspired meeting room names are created for less stressful moment when booking a venue for meeting. Names such as London, Paris, etc., give all employees a virtual travel experience to a world-famous city every time they have a meeting. The working space is not blocked by partitions, with numerous corners to chat or sit and sip coffee one-on-one throughout the office, to encourage collaboration, exchange of ideas and boost of creativity, yet retaining enough personal space for each employee. In addition, a flexible working area is provided for employees to sit and work with their own equipment or have informal meeting along with a 360-degree view of the city. The office also has a dining room where employees can enjoy breathtaking cityscape during their lunch time and dinner, a superb space to unwind and release their creativity.

Workplace of wellbeing for all generations of employees.

OCC is designed with employee wellbeing in mind. A green space of over 5,000 square metres inside and outside the building brings refreshing ambience to the workplace. Triple insulated glazing windows for solar heat gain moderation and noise reduction leads to a peaceful working environment contributing to improved concentration and productivity. High-performance air filter, MERVE14, with PM 2.5 filtration ensures clean, fresh air for a clear mind. Moreover, the building has all it takes to meet city dweller’s daily lifestyle needs, with a convenient store, several famous café chains and a food court bringing together a wide range of famous eateries on offer at an affordable price. Finally, a restaurant on the 58th floor a Sky Bar on the 61st floor will bring a simple delightful moment to employees throughout the day.

“Employees in a post-pandemic world prioritize flexible working arrangement and happy environment in the workplace no less other essential factors. RML not only strives to be a happy workplace, but also embraces employee work life balance. The working hours at RML is 30 minutes less than other companies, so as to give additional moment for our employees to return home and spend more time with their families. We also promote equity in the workplace where everyone can freely express their opinion and give talented people the opportunity to grow. Ultimately, we expect that moving to our new office at OCC will lead the company to a new chapter of growth in the future in which the working model is no longer the same,” concluded Korn.