SET Announcements
05 June 2012

SET adds new listed securities: RML-W3 to be traded on SET on Jun 7, 2012

Listing Listing : Warrant Company name : RAIMON LAND PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (RML) Warrant trading symbol : RML-W3 Secondary market : SET Trading date : 07-Jun-2012 Number of listed warrants (unit: : 893,840,315 warrants) Exercise ratio (Warrant : Common stock) : 1 : 1 Exercise price (baht per share) : 2.75 Term of warrants : 3 years from the issued date (May 17,2012) Warrant price (baht per unit) : 0.00 First exercise date : 29-Jun-2012 Last exercise date : 15-May-2015 Remark : Please see the description, condition and major characteristics of RML-W3 through PDF file disseminated on SET information Management System (SETSMART) and see Terms and Conditions of RML-W3 which were submitted to the warrant holders or from SET website: ______________________________________________________________________