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21 December 2020

Raimon Land becomes the pioneer to join Elite Flexible One program providing 5 years visa for foreign customers

BANGKOK – Raimon Land joins Thai Privilege Card to become the first partner of “Elite Flexible One” programme, participating with a portfolio of luxury condominiums; The Lofts, The River and The Diplomat 39. The company aims to penetrate international markets and is confident the partnership will bring about business opportunities and stimulate the nation’s economy.

Mr. Korn Narongdej, Chairman of Executive Committee at Raimon Land Public Company Limited (RML), Thailand’s leading luxury real estate developer, said, “The company has signed a joint agreement with Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd. (TPC) to become the first developer that provides the Elite Flexible One privilege card to the customers. This collaboration is an important business opportunity to expand our international customers base.”

Raimon Land is assured of TPC’s strong business foundation and its expertise which will support this groundbreaking collaboration and lead it to a success. TPC has been the country’s leading operator of privilege card programme, as evidenced by continual achievements in providing visa benefits for a long-term stay in Thailand and facilitating convenient entry and residential permit in Thailand, not to mention other privileges from various partners. These efforts are to ensure its cutomers obtain the best services.

Eventhough present situation of the real estate market has yet to settle, but the company believes signs of recovery will commence in 2021. It anticipates a gradual increase of international customers due to attractive property prices in Thailand as well as high return-on-investment prospect compared to other types of investment. Thailand has presented capacities in various aspects, especially in the public health sector and the fact that Thailand remains one of the prime destinations for global investments. International customers, especially Chinese customers, still express strong demand for residential property as they look for a second home in a country with good safety and public health. These factors mark a golden opportunity from local and international buyers who are waiting for official reopening of the border to visit Thailand.

Raimon Land plans a marketing strategy to emphasise Thai and international customers from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and others. Marketing and sales activities will focus on target customers by introducing the Elite Flexible One card through event booth and multi-approch advertising channels which are exposed to upper-scale, affluent customers both domestically and internationally. The company expects a good feedback after rolling out the plan.

Terms and conditions of the Elite Flexible One privilege card programme require that applicants must hold legal ownership of Raimon Land’s property worth above 10 million THB which includes options of three luxury ready-to-move-in condominiums such as The Lofts Silom, The River and The Diplomat 39. Raimon Land will immediately offer free membership of the privilege card which provide benefits comprising Privilege Entry Visa for 5 years and other VIP privileges such as airport’s EPA & Premium Lane 12 times a year, airport facilities (departure lounge and electric shuttle) 6 times a year, personal assistant service, and etc.

Mr. Somchai Soongswang, President of Thailand Privilege Card Company Limited (TPC), said, “The company agrees to sign a joint agreement for the Elite Flexible One card programme in order to expand trade and investment opportunity in the real estate sector. It also appoints Raimon Land Plc. (RML) as the first partner in the programme.”

Objective of this project is in line with the government’s direction to stimulate the economy by attracting potential business owners and investors to invest in Thailand and help real estate developers accelerate sales of properties, generating cashflow to continue their operations. Aside, the project can also help related industries in boosting the economy through “Elite Flexible One” membership card.

“Raimon Land, as a representative of private corporates in the real estate sector, has a strong potential in terms of successful sales of luxury properties. The company also understands behaviours of the target customers very well, in order to expand together both Thai and international customers base. Our customers will receive the best service privileges from TPC,” Mr. Somchai said.

Regarding the terms and conditions for applicants of Elite Flexible One card, the applicants must purchase a newly constructed and ready-to-move-in condominium located in Thailand, with a total value worth above 10 million THB. The purchased apartments have to be under the same developer or a single company, but they can be apartments in multiple properties at different locations if the price of each apartment stands below 10 million THB. This special programme will be valid for two years from 1 January 2021 until 31 December 2022, and is expected to generate sales.

Members of the Thailand Elite will receive privilege entry to the country via Tem-Q project which is officially approved by the COVID-19 Management Centre for its concise measures and safety. The members will use ASQ services which, in turn, will help other businesses generate revenue and recover the economy to normality at the earliest.

Ms. Thapanee Kiatphaibool, Deputy Governor for Tourism Products and Business at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said, “The spread of COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand since March 2020 has halted many industries, especially tourism industry which accounts for up to 22 percent of the country’s GDP. This has made Thailand the world’s most impacted country from the COVID-19 (Information from World Travel and Tourism Council). The Tourism Authority of Thailand, as an organisation that promotes tourism, has executed measures to mitigate the impact in the tourism sector and stimulate domestic circular economy including;

“No.1 Stimulating domestic travel; create jobs; generate revenue; reinforce liquidity; initiate Rao Tiew Duay Gun project, Amazing Thailand SHA project, and Sen Tang Khon Sode project. The objectives are to build confidence and motivate spending to compensate the estimated 5 million international tourists who cannot visit Thailand during the pandemic, translated to missing revenue of 250 billion THB. No.2 Generate income from the high-spending international tourists and business owners. From the objective in No.2 and the easing of entry restriction for foreign investors, TAT recognises opportunity to leverage benefits of Thailand Elite card, which is a business invested by TAT and managed by Thailand Privilege Card Co., Ltd, to pull in potential foreign investors and business owners to invest in properties in Thailand through the special Elite Flexible One programme.”

The Elite Flexible One card will be provided to foreign business owners and investors who purchase real estate properties that are part of Thailand Privilege Card’s project. The purchased properties must be worth over 10 million THB in total. The aforementioned exclusive card will feature special benefits such as 5-year Privilege Entry Visa and Personal Assistant Service at the airport. The TAT forecasts that at least 100 business owners and investors will be interested in this programme and expects investment funds in real estate properties to be over 1 million THB.

Lastly, we hope this Memorendum of Agreement will play a supportive part that helps revive Thailand’s economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, rebounding international arrivals and tourism within a short-term period and strengthening Thailand to be a sustainably popular destination.