Press Releases
02 March 2021

Raimon Land starts the new era with rebranding campaign, expanding to broader demographics with new logo to sustain leadership position in the Luxury Real Estate market

BANGKOK – Raimon Land starts the year with rebranding campaign adding luxury of modernity to a new logo and new tagline "Luxury Reimagined" to modernize its image and expand customer base to include new generations with high purchasing power as well as using “Customer Centric” as a core value for business operation to sustain its leadership in the luxury real estate market.

Mr. Korn Narongdej, Chief Executive Officer of Raimon Land Public Company Limited (RML), The premier real estate developer in Thailand, revealed that 2021 is a special year for Raimon Land as it undertakes rebranding as one of the company's core strategies in line with its vision to be accessible, modern, luxury and stylish to attract and expand its target audiences - the new generations with high purchasing power. The new logo will be featured on RML projects.

“We strongly believe that the rebranding will bring a new dimension to the company’s image and consumers will feel the new vibes of the Raimon Land brand. Along with the development of high quality condominiums, we are applying modern innovations in our projects to provide customers with maximum comfort that suit their lifestyles. This will certainly reinforce our status as the leader in the luxury real estate market segment in Thailand.

“Raimon Land has a long history. Since its establishment in 1987, the company has targetted the luxury segment of the real estate market. Our latest marketing research shows that we are known among affluent senior customers. While we are committed to our existing customer base, we also see great potential among the savvy and sophisticated new generations, with high purchasing power. These customers love luxury and trendy lifestyle. Therefore, it’s our task to create brand association with them, so that they can feel the premiumness and uniqueness whilst being modern, fresh, young and energetic,” said Mr. Korn.

The new RML logo design with vertical stripes is abstract and subtle to represent stability, strength and continuous growth. It also represents our new culture of independence, free, creative and dynamic, whilst the Royal Blue color shows modern luxury or the new definition of luxury as said in the new “Luxury Reimagined" slogan.

The rebranding campaign also defines RML’s 3 Core Values.

  1. Customer Centric, to maximize customer satisfactions 
  2. Creative Centric, with emphasis on creativity in all areas to make a difference that will give customers unique and better experiences.
  3. Value Centric, to create values beyond expectations through quality products and excellent services 

The company is also preparing to relaunch its official website to enhance custom er experiences to be easier than ever by connecting seamlessly the offline and online world together.